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Selections for Tuesday, 16 July 2024
Currently No Selections
Currently No Selections


TAB Codes

TAB race codes above are for Ubet (Unitab). Before placing your bet, always check your bet matches the horse name above.

Access to Tips

All tips (besides Free Tips) requires a subscription. Only Level 3 subscribers can access Premium Tips, Super Saturday Tips, Reviewer's Tips and Place Tips.

Duplicate Tips

Duplications can occur across the tipping services provided. A selection duplicated in many tipping services may represent poor value.

Non Disclosure

The long term profitability of these tips will depend on all of us keeping volumes to a minimum. We will do our part by closely monitoring volume sales so that we do not over-subscribe, however, we have no control over what you do with the information. For the sake of all our enjoyment and long term profitability, we urge you not to disclose these tips to anyone. Unfortunately telling a few friends indirectly results in a cascade of many people. Poor profits will mean that we will need to stop the public release and continue with them privately.

Special Note

Most Tips are locked in at 11:45am Australian EST. The Super Tips however can change because of scratchings, track going changes, jockey updates etc. In most cases these updates are posted before the race, but in some cases (ie late scratching at barrier) the update is after the race and if the rules determine a different condition, then a selection may be added or removed after the race. At no time is the result known at the time of processing these changes. This is a very infrequent situation, but if it does happen, a winning horse can be added OR removed and a losing horse can be removed OR added. Please accept this is done for analytical reasons on the actual rules.


All our Tips are based on tested and proven methods. Although our methods have proven to be a reliable rating method in the past, we can not guarantee its future success. You use this service at your own risk and we recommend recreational punting only. We do not accept any responsibility for any losses that may occur.